After I Do

A new coworker of mine recommended Reid a while back (specifically when I was raving about Jennifer Close’s The Hopefuls). I found After I Do on Cloud library and was almost immediately hooked. Maybe it’s because, like Beth and Matt in The Hopefuls, Lauren and Ryan are normal, relatable people. The descriptions of their disagreements are so normal (losing a car in the parking lot, disagreeing about what to eat for dinner etc etc). I really appreciate authors who can so eloquently describe, and find meaning, in our day to day lives.


The gist of the story is that Lauren and Ryan are college sweethearts, but a few years after marriage, are taking each other for granted and their marriage is falling apart, Instead of divorcing, the two take a year apart to re-discover themselves. My only complaints– after a lot of build up, the novel ended too soon. Also, I wish we had more of Ryan’s perspective. Otherwise, highly recommended! I will have to check out more of her work soon.


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