Baby Storytime: 5

Opening Song

Action Rhyme:

Open Them Shut Them


Dog’s 123  by Emma Dodd



Head Shoulders Knees and Toes


Shared Book:

I Touch by Helen Oxebury



Action Rhyme:

Five Fat Peas

Five fat peas

In a pea pod pressed,

One grew, two grew,

So did all the rest.

They grew and grew,

And did not stop,

Until at last,

That pea popped.



One Two Three Crawl! By Carol Thompson



Action Rhyme/Tickle:

There Was a Little Mouse

There was a little mouse (tickle baby)

Looking for his house. (pretend to look)

Not here, (tickle arm)

Not there, (tickle other arm)

But here, here, here! (tickle belly)


I’m a Little Teapot



Five Little Ducks



Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin by Tad Hills



Action Rhyme/Tickle:

Baby Bye

 Baby bye, (flutter fingers above baby)

There’s a fly,

We will watch him,

You and I. (point to self and baby)

There he goes,

On his toes, (gently creep fingers up toes to nose)

Right up to your

Nose, nose, nose. (tape nose)

Closing Song


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