Pikachu, I Choose You!

Unless you live under a rock, you know all about the new gaming phenomenon: Pokemon Go. I created an account for the sole purpose of discovering if my library is a Poke Gym or Poke Spot (my husband got super excited about going hunting for Pokemon together, but that’s another story). Turns out my library is a Poke Spot, and I created signs and displays. I’m hoping to do more programming to draw in my age group (18-35), or those who grew up with TV show and trading cards.

For example, I personally was not a fan of the show, but my younger brother would tape it on a VHS tape every day and watch it after school. The only episode I remember is when Pikachu finds a herd(?) of other Pikachus and has to decide if he is going to stay with Ash or his fellow Pikachus. I admit, I cried a bit, despite not knowing any other parts of the story.

Back to programming. I am clearly not the target demographic for this game. I didn’t watch the show or play the original games, and I aside from the occasional Mario Kart, I also avoided video games. Luckily other people have come up with ways to incorporate Pokemon Go in the library. Here are several postings with ideas, big and small. Many ideas are targeted at kids, so if you find any emerging adult themed programs, let me know!



One thought on “Pikachu, I Choose You!

  1. Thanks for sharing the ideas at the end 🙂 The libraries we work at are also Poke Stops so we’ve also wanted to promote it in some way! Apparently we are “infested” with Spearows? Whole new world…


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