Red Queen

I saw this book coming through the library constantly. Aside from Harry Potter, I generally do not enjoy fantasy. However, I figured I should try this book out, and knock out a category for the Popsugar Reading Challenge. Two birds with one stone, right?


I downloaded Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and started listening sometime in mid-June. As I write this, I already forgot some of the plot points because I just did not find them memorable. One review I read described the series as The Hunger Games meets X-Men, which pretty much sums it up. While that description sounds awesome it all felt old–we’ve seen this, or read this, and Aveyard added nothing new to the tried plot. Except maybe an excessive use of flowery language. She really needed a strict editor…

The story follows Mare, a Red girl with no future prospect outside the military and pickpocketing. In Mare’s world the Reds, or those with red blood, are the servant/workign class, while the silvers (those with silver blood) are the elites. Aside from the different colors of blood, the silvers mutated and now have “abilities,” like the ability to control fire or metal, or someones mind. Through a series of events, it is discovered that Mare has an ability of her own, something that could change the dynamic of the kingdom forever.


One thought on “Red Queen

  1. It does sound like Hunger Games – Divergent – X-Men like. I suppose the reason it has such a big popularity is because YA seem to want the same plot over and over, and authors are only too happy to oblige. I’m disappointed! (With the book, not your honest review) 😜


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