The Circle

The Circle by Dave Eggars filled my “book becoming a movie this year” in the Popsugar Reading Challenge 2016. This challenge is really forcing me to read a lot of dystopian/science fiction novels, which are not my forte.


This particular book was creepy and dystopian in a way that could actually happen though. Mae begins working at a company called The Circle, a google/facebook like company. Throughout her time there the mindset in this organization becomes more and more along the lines of “secrets are lies” and staff are required to post X number of posts on the Circle, follow X number of people, etc etc. Their entire lives are on social media, and nobody sees a problem with that.Well except Mae’s parents and ex-boyfriend Mercer, and she resents them for their “backwardness.”

The passages in which Mae is dealing in customer relationships and the neediness of the customers really stressed me out. I’m not sure why those passages in particular bothered me, but the expectation that everyone will “like” our postings or help us all the time rings so true. Of course, the book delves into even deeper issues, but I won’t get into those here. I don’t want to ruin it for anybody!

I can’t say I loved this book, but it certainly kept me invested and I talked about it A LOT. Sorry friends and family, I’m sure I drove you nuts.


One thought on “The Circle

  1. There’s a movie coming out? That’ll be interesting to see how they do it as it really was dystopian! I thought it was a mind blowing premise, terrifyingly accurate in places and pretty much an upgraded 1984 but I couldn’t get on with the writing style or the protagonist, it was just all a bit cloying and simple and one dimensional- which seems harsh to say as there is so much that is incredible about this book.


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