With the new movie coming out, there’s been an upheaval in all things Potter. Some might argue Harry Potter never left, or that J.K. Rowling doesn’t allow our Magical Friends to leave the spotlight. Personally, I love it. I love all the info on Harry Potter. I was one of the first to sign up for Pottermore and gleefully absorbed the backstories on my favorite characters (I most remember Minerva McGonagall’s pre Transfiguration history).

This essay in The New York Times succinctly explains why some fans do not like the continued revelations about the Harry Potter world. While I can’t honestly say the information gleaned never changed my feelings about the books and how I feel about them or how I felt while reading them (I hate that Rowling regrets the pairing of Hermione and Ron), for the most part they don’t bother me. Learning that Dumbledore is gay and that Teddy Lupin is in Hufflepuff only make the world seem larger, and more real to me. Nevermind that I am almost 30…

With that said, I absolutely loved reading all the new information about the Wizarding World in the United States. It’s fascinating! Especially with the Native American culture in the USA and history like the Salem Witch Trials. My only complaint, and it’s probably because I’m so used to Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, but the house names at Ilvermorny sound super lame.


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