Lamb Storytime

Opening Song: Hello My Friends, Hello

Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox

Song/Feltboard: Mary had a little lamb


The first time around we sang the first verse normally. The next three times we sang it with blue, or orange or pink. Before each verse we talked about what things are the colors of the sheep.

Sheep in a Shop by Nancy E. Shaw

Action Rhyme: “Five White and Fluffy Sheep”

Five white and fluffy sheep (hold up five fingers)

In the pasture fast asleep (hands under head, lean over)

Their wool kept them cozy all night long (hug yourself)

Snore! Snore! (make snore sounds)

The farmer slipped away with one (hold up one finger)

And sheared the wool till he was done (clap)

Then there were 4 white fluffy sheep (hold up four fingers)

Baa! Baa! (baa!)

Credit: Hubbard’s Cupboard

Song: Baa Baa Black Sheep

Lamby Lamb by Chris Raschka

Closing Song: We wave goodbye like this 


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