Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up by Jennifer L. Holm popped up in my Goodreads “readers also enjoyed” section. I can’t remember which book readers also enjoyed, but the bright and simple cover appealed to me and I immediately put Sunny Side Up on hold.

Sunny Side Up is a graphic novel about a girl sent to Florida to spend the summer with her grandfather. Through a series of flashbacks we learn why Sunny is sent down to Florida, while we also watch her bond with her grandfather and Buzz, the only other kid in her grandfather’s retirement community. Sunny’s summer isn’t filled with beaches and Disneyworld, like she expected, but discovering Big Al, Swamp Thing and comics more than make up for it.

I greatly enjoyed Sunny Side Up, but the references to addiction in her family and the relationship with her brother is very vague. I wonder how much the target audience understands. Granted I was a very sheltered middle schooler so my experiences are probably very different from others. This books could lead to some great discussions however, and it broaches a topic not normally discussed in children’s literature.


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