Spring Storytime

On Thursday I had my very first Storytime at my new library. For now I’m only doing toddler Storytime but in the fall I’ll add in baby.

Opening Song

Who’s Chick Are You? by Nancy Tafuri

Wonderful illustrations and provides a great guessing game for the children.

Feltboard Story: The Itsy Bitsy Spider

I have these from Lakeshore Learning

Peppa Pig and the Lucky Ducks by Candlewick Press

Way too long, although I do love counting books.

Action Rhyme: “Bumblebee Bumblebee” from storytime katie (she got it from Mrs. Jones Insects storytime)

Bumblebee, bumblebee

Landing on my nose

Bumblebee, bumblebee

Now he’s on my toes

On my arms, on my legs

On my elbows!

Bumblebee, bumblebee

He lands and then he goes!

Peep and Ducky Rainy Day by David Martin, illustrated by David Walker

Such a fun and bright story! Children and parents loved.

Closing song: “We Wave Goodbye Like This” from  sunflower storytime

We wave goodbye like this.

We wave goodbye like this.

We clap our hands for all our friends,

We wave goodbye like this.



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