Karen Abbott and Club Book

On Thursday my mom and I went to the Roseville Library to hear Karen Abbott talk about her most recent book Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy. The talk is part of a MELSA program called Club Book: The Book Club Rewritten.

While I still haven’t finished the book despite starting it way back in May, I did really enjoy the talk. I read Abbott’s other books, Sin in the Second City  and American Rose: A Nation Laid Bare and really enjoyed them. However, I just can’t get into Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy. Maybe it’s because of the interweaving of four different stories, so I don’t feel connected to any one woman. Or maybe it’s because I’ve done most of my reading on lunch breaks and 20 minutes just isn’t enough time to get into a good nonfiction groove. Whatever the reason, it’s a very interesting subject matter and I do plan on finishing the book eventually. Hopefully soon, since my dad wants to borrow it after me.

Anyway, the talk… Abbott was very well spoken and covered a lot of ground in 45(ish) minutes. We learned about her inspiration for the book and her research methods. My favorite part of her presentation were the political cartoons. The audience also had several interesting questions and Abbott seemed to appreciate each question and answer thoughtfully.

I will certainly check out more Club Book presentations!


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