The Glass Castle


The library book club read The Glass Castle  by Jeannette Walls and discussed it last Thursday. Earlier in 2015 we read Half Broke Horses a fictionalized biography of Walls’ grandmother. I say fictionalized because the characters are real, but Walls admits that she can’t know for sure what happened since she wrote based off stories told by her mother and grandmother. We all loved Half Broke Horses and Walls’ writing style.

Most members of the book club were not so sure of Glass Castle. Many wondered how accurate the memoir is, and many also said they had a hard time finishing it based off the abuse Walls and her siblings suffered. Our discussion was especially interesting as several of the ladies work in child services or the health field and had many professional opinions surrounding the treatment of the children.

Overall, I found the book fascinating, even if there are some doubts as to the truth behind the plot. The fact that someone who had such child could be so successful as an adult is inspiring.


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