Opposites Storytime

On Wednesday Storytime  began again at my library. We take a very nice holiday break between Thanksgiving and New Year since so many people are out of town. However, I think I’ll stop taking breaks. It gets confusing!

For our first storytime of the New Year, we read about opposites.

Storytime opened with our opening song:

Who’s here today, who’s here today, everybody clap and say who’s here today… (next round add in child’s name, repeat for all in attendance)

Lola’s here today, Lola’s here today, everybody clap and say Lola’s here today (repeat)

Quiet Koala, Noisy Monkey: A Book of Jungle Opposites by Liesbet Slegers

The colorful illustrations and the flaps really kept the kids’ attention. I also enjoyed watching them try to figure out what the opposite would be, or how Slegers would illustrate the concept. I think the hardest one was alone vs. together.

Action Rhyme: “This is Big” from Mel’s Desk

This is big big big
(Hold arms out to side)
This is small small small
(Cup hands together)

This is short short short
(Hold hands with palms facing each other)

This is tall tall tall
(Reach one hand above head)

This is fast fast fast
(Circle fists quickly)

This is slow slow slow
(Circle fists slowly)

This is yes yes yes

This is no no no
(Shake head)

We did this rhyme three times.

Lost. Found. by Marsha Diane Arnold, illustrated by Matthew Cordell

I loved this book. I think it’s beautifully illustrated and funny. My group is a bit older so I thought they’d “get it,” but they didn’t. In retrospect, this was not the best book to pick for the first storytime after a long break. I do think it’s a great book for discussion, maybe with a smaller or more focused group.

Felt Board: “Big Bigger Biggest” inspiration from Storytime Katie

I was inspired by the rhyme but wanted a bit more, so I added two more verses. My rhyme is as follows:

“A little ball, a bigger ball, and a great big ball I see. Now help me count them: One, Two, Three.

A hard hat, a soft hat (pictures of a hard hat and a stocking cap), one for me and one for you. Help me count them One and Two.

A slow friend, a fast friend and an even faster friend (pictures of a snail, dog and horse) are what I see. Help me count them: One, Two, Three.”

Song: “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”

First we sang it normally, then super fast. What is the opposite of super fast? Super slow! So we sang it one more time, super slowly.

Olivia’s Opposites  by Ian Falconer

Who doesn’t love Olivia? This was a nice short book to end stortyime after a rowdy rendition of “Head, shoulders, knees and toes.”

Closing Song: “The More We Get Together” by Raffi

We sing along and shake egg shakers. It’s the highlight for some of the younger siblings in attendance. Egg shakers are SUPER popular.

Free Play

I always end storytime with free play. I chat with parents and nannies and the kids, and they always get a coloring sheet connected to the storytime topic. I usually use this time to talk about early literacy and Every Child Ready to Read.


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