STEAM: Arm Knitting

A while back I went to Public Library Day, and learned a lot about Makers Spaces and different ways to create a Makers Space. One thing that really struck me, was that we usually think of 3D printers and programming and fancy equipment when thinking of Makers Spaces and STE(A)M programs, but skills like knitting and sewing also fall under the same umbrella. Firstly, you’re making something (the whole point of a Makers Space), secondly, knitting and sewing require spatial awareness, pattern recognition, and a very detailed understanding of cause and effect (i.e. if you do something right, the whole pattern will not work).

Given that my library has very little money for fancy equipment I have to either bring in outside talent (like with Lego Robotics) or come up with outside the box STEAM programming. Enter, Arm Knitting.



It’s all over Pinterest (so many tutorials to choose from, I found this one worked best) so I was hoping to bring in some of the older crowd and/or young moms with their younger children, and for the most part it worked. I loved watching one teen girl teach her mom and younger sister how to knit, as she grasped the concept much more quickly than her family.

Overall, I’d say it was a successful and unique program. I think I’ll try teaching it to adults as well!


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