Paper vs E-Book

According to CTV Television Network and BookNet Canada, print book sales in Canada are skyrocketing.  paperbacks made up 55% of sales, hardcovers made 25% and only 17% of sales consisted of ebooks. I can’t speak for our library system, but I have so many patrons comment that they like having the physical book in hand. Often times they say it self deprecatingly, like “I’m such an oddball, I like having the real book,” or “Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but nothing beats turning the pages.” Apparently these patrons are not the odd person out!

It will be interesting to see if this trend continues, especially as so many schools get rid of textbooks in favor of electronic versions. Which, I also find interesting, as many articles state that information retention rates are much lower when reading an ebook vs reading the print version. According to Scientific American,  “modern screens and e-readers fail to adequately recreate certain tactile experiences of reading on paper that many people miss and, more importantly, prevent people from navigating long texts in an intuitive and satisfying way.”


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